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How To Maximise Small Outdoor Spaces

As smaller housing plots becoming the norm, it is becoming increasingly common for new Perth homes to have smaller backyards. Some might feel this limits what you can do with your garden due to space

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limestone retaining wall in backyard

Limestone: Where does it come from and what is it good for?

Limestone has a wide range of applications. As a natural building material, it’s used as a component of concrete, as well as an ingredient in many toothpaste and paint products. Throughout history,

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Creative Limestone Garden Edging Ideas

As its name suggests, garden edging is ideal for dividing your landscaping design into various spaces. By building borders aro

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5 Limestone Retaining Wall Ideas For Your Garden

When creating your landscaping design, you may find it necessary to include retaining walls in your garden to manage soil erosion, aid water flow or to make better use of a sloping area. While Read Full Post